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Skilled Bed Bug Control

Are you looking for skilled bed bug control? For over 30 years, AATJ Termite & Pest Control has been providing skilled bed bug control services.

  • Remove bedding

  • Wash all clothes and bedding in hot water

  • Launder rugs and pillows

  • Vacuum carpets and floors

Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Do you think you have a potential bed bug problem? Bed bugs are very tiny, can be extremely hard to see, and are very uncomfortable. Call the professionals to see if you have a bed bug problem. We will give you a FREE estimate and figure out the best way to treat and eradicate your problem.


You can rest assured that your bed bug problem will be gone with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer our guarantee on other services, such as our insect control.

Professional Bed Bug Treatment

FREE estimates for bed bugs control - call:


We are proud to offer Senior Citizen Discounts for our bed bug control services!


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